Booking a Thrill Show

Thrill Shows are great for fairs, festivals, race tracks, and any event that is wanting to draw in a large crowd.
Our Thrill Shows include:
~Monster Trucks (Race Style or Old School) -You can see these monster trucks by clicking here.
~Rain or Shine Family Friendly Show
~ Side Show Fill-in
~Adverting Media Kit with Posters
~Your Event on the website
Side Shows Options:
~Road Hazard Mini Trucks
~Motocross Riders
~BMX Bikes
~Jet Car
~Ride Truck
~Car Eating Transformer
~Tough Truck Challenge
~Mud Bog/ Racing
~Mini Monster Trucks
~Garden Tractor Racing
~Sled Pulling
Requirements Provided by Festival or Fair Producer:
~Adequate Size Area for Performance
~Crowd Barriers & Security Personnel to Keep Crowd in Safe Zone
~Electricity & Sound System Equipment
~Crush Cars, Trucks, Vans, & Misc.
~Loader to Move Cars & Dirt
~One to Two Loads of Dirt
~Lighting for Night Shows
~Copy of Event Insurance Certificate
~Clean Up After Event
Does your facility or fairgrounds sit unused during the year? Let us help you produce a stand alone show.
For more information and pricing please contact us.

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